What your saddle could be telling me about your fit

What your saddle could be saying about your fit When cyclists come for a fit at Winning Position, there are a number of 'tells' that I look for. These tells can provide an insight into what's going on with their fit. One of the things I look at is saddle position. In this article I'm going to share with you some of the saddle presentations that I see and some possible reasons as to why a cyclist might be positioning their saddle in this way. Nose up If the saddle nose points skyward, the saddle could [...]

Case study: Running Into Niggles

Bike Fit Case Study: Running Into Niggles Tracy is new(ish) to triathlon and has a huge potential to progress further in this sport. She comes from a running background and is fairly new to the bike. Whilst there were no major discomforts or issues when riding, Tracy reported some lower limb niggles when running. When fitting triathletes, I aim to preserve the function of the calves. This is because they are one of the key muscle groups you use when running. It makes sense to reduce the load on the calves during the bike leg (where [...]

Avoiding Mistakes Even Pros Make (Velonews Podcast)

If you haven't checked out Velonews' training podcast Fast Talk you really should.  I particularly enjoyed the discussion about the perils of not getting a proper bike fit in Episode 77: Avoiding mistakes even pros make.  (Discussion starts at 57 minutes in.)  Go listen! I have copied a few of my favourite quotes below... The biggest fit mistake is that even pros - not just young riders, not just masters - they want their bike to look a certain way.  They want their bike to look like either their hero's bike or [...]

Case Study: Grand Fun

Bike Fit Case Study: Grand Fun Damian presented to Wining Position with a desire to complete some Gran Fondos in 2019. He is also a keen "Zwifter". Having been caught up in the Zwift indoor cycling craze myself, I completely understand! Damian's initial position had him feeling a little too high at the front end. He also suffered annoying heat and numbness in his right foot. I often encounter a desire among my clients (particularly the road racing types) to be "lower and more aero". It is not always a position that I recommend. What's possible [...]

Case Study: Decompression

Bike Fit Case Study: Decompression Following a road bike fit, Andrew, a Canberra local returned for a fit on his triathlon bike. The bike was fairly new and Andrew had only ridden it a few times. He reported that he had some saddle issues but otherwise felt ok. Looking at Andrew’s initial position, it was considerably compressed in the “engine room”. His knees were actually contacting the bars! This was not a great position for the diaphragm to operate effectively. Breathing and oxygen consumption were likely compromised.  Not to mention the continual knee friction and potential [...]