The perfect crank length

So I've titled this article 'the perfect crank length' which is a bit misleading of me. I don't believe that there is one crank length that is perfect for every rider. Instead the best crank length for any given rider is a balance of a number of factors. In this brief article I am not aiming to reinvent the wheel. Rather I will very briefly touch on some of the information that’s out there and then explain how Winning Position can help you find the best crank length for you. On bike fitting forums and amongst [...]


Twisted: Tackling pelvic asymmetry in bike fitting Humans are designed asymmetrically. Specifically, more than 90% of both males and females present with a forward rotated right side of their pelvis and a backward rotation of their left pelvis. The (possible) causes Many theories have been posed. One theory suggests that the twist starts in the human embryonic stage of development when the placement of our vital organs commences.  The heart, stomach, spleen and pancreas all lay towards the left. The gall bladder and liver are on your right. Our left lung has 2 lobes or sections, whilst [...]

What’s in a bike fit?

What's in a bike fit? So what should you expect when you come for a Winning Position bike fit? A bike fit at Winning Position takes between two and a half to three hours and consists of several components. 1. We talk The first part of the session is spent discussing your goals both as a cyclist and also what you are looking to get out of the fit. These goals are usually one or more of the following: comfort, injury prevention or management and performance aspirations. The purpose of this discussion is for me to [...]

Cobb saddles – a revolution in saddle comfort

Cobb saddles - a revolution in saddle comfort This is the first in a series of articles about bicycle equipment we stock here at Winning Position. We only sell a few brands and each one has to earn its place through proven effectiveness at addressing one of the elements of bike fit . Before we dive in, I want to stress that one of the biggest factors in saddle comfort is an optimal bike fit. If the saddle is not in the right place relative to the bottom bracket (saddle height and saddle fore-aft) [...]

Why Get A Bike Fit?

Why get a bike fit? Whether you are an elite racer, commuter or recreational rider, a bike fit is an investment that could very well give you the best return for your money. Cycling can be as expensive as you want to make it. We cyclists tend to always be tempted to spend our hard earned money on the newest, the lightest, the most aero equipment and clothing that we can get our hands on.  But what we often overlook is getting our position dialled. The newest equipment isn't much good if we are [...]

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