Avoiding Mistakes Even Pros Make (Velonews Podcast)

If you haven't checked out Velonews' training podcast Fast Talk you really should.  I particularly enjoyed the discussion about the perils of not getting a proper bike fit in Episode 77: Avoiding mistakes even pros make.  (Discussion starts at 57 minutes in.)  Go listen! I have copied a few of my favourite quotes below... The biggest fit mistake is that even pros - not just young riders, not just masters - they want their bike to look a certain way.  They want their bike to look like either their hero's bike or [...]

Case Study: Grand Fun

Bike Fit Case Study: Grand Fun Damian presented to Wining Position with a desire to complete some Gran Fondos in 2019. He is also a keen "Zwifter". Having been caught up in the Zwift indoor cycling craze myself, I completely understand! Damian's initial position had him feeling a little too high at the front end. He also suffered annoying heat and numbness in his right foot. I often encounter a desire among my clients (particularly the road racing types) to be "lower and more aero". It is not always a position that I recommend. What's possible [...]

Case Study: Decompression

Bike Fit Case Study: Decompression Following a road bike fit, Andrew, a Canberra local returned for a fit on his triathlon bike. The bike was fairly new and Andrew had only ridden it a few times. He reported that he had some saddle issues but otherwise felt ok. Looking at Andrew’s initial position, it was considerably compressed in the “engine room”. His knees were actually contacting the bars! This was not a great position for the diaphragm to operate effectively. Breathing and oxygen consumption were likely compromised.  Not to mention the continual knee friction and potential [...]

The dynamic fit bike

The dynamic fit bike If you have been reading my earlier articles you will have seen references to the dynamic fit bike that I use.  So what on earth is a dynamic fit bike?  For starters a it rarely looks anything like a real bike.  Rather it's a tool built specifically for the purpose of finding a rider’s winning position. What is a dynamic fit bike? The properties that define a dynamic fit bike (at least in my opinion) are the following: It has a saddle, handlebars and pedals These are the ‘touch points’ of a [...]

How to find the perfect saddle

How to find the perfect saddle I am a firm believer that a cyclist shouldn’t have to suffer saddle discomfort.  Far too many people accept saddle discomfort as an inevitable part of cycling.  They put up with it and hope that they will ‘toughen up’ over time.  At best this approach leads to a reduction in the joy of cycling and at worst to permanent damage to bits you really don’t want damaged.  I believe it is possible for the vast majority of cyclists - or perhaps even all cyclists? - to find their perfect saddle. [...]

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