The costs involved in a bike fit

The costs involved in a bike fit You might be wondering what sort of costs you are up for when seeking your Winning Position. My philosophy is to make this process as cost effective as possible. I like to accommodate a cyclist’s existing equipment where possible. That said, it's common that additional equipment is required to achieve a comfortable and efficient position. I'll now outline some of the common expenses that customers encounter in implementing a bike [...]

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How to find the perfect saddle

How to find the perfect saddle I am a firm believer that a cyclist shouldn’t have to suffer saddle discomfort.  Far too many people accept saddle discomfort as an inevitable part of cycling.  They put up with it and hope that they will ‘toughen up’ over time.  At best this approach leads to a reduction in the joy of cycling and at worst to permanent damage to bits you really don’t want damaged.  I believe it is [...]

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Cobb saddles – a revolution in saddle comfort

Cobb saddles - a revolution in saddle comfort This is the first in a series of articles about bicycle equipment we stock here at Winning Position. We only sell a few brands and each one has to earn its place through proven effectiveness at addressing one of the elements of bike fit . Before we dive in, I want to stress that one of the biggest factors in saddle comfort is an optimal bike fit. [...]

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