Measuring bikes is hard

Measuring bikes is hard! Measuring bikes is hard.  There always seems to be some bit in the way of what you want to measure.  A lot of the desired measurements are from or to the centre of something.  It can be difficult, if not impossible, to determine the exact centre of a complex shape.  Parallax errors can cause problems too.  It’s just plain hard to get exact, or even repeatable inexact bike measures. So why does this [...]

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The perfect crank length

So I've titled this article 'the perfect crank length' which is a bit misleading of me. I don't believe that there is one crank length that is perfect for every rider. Instead the best crank length for any given rider is a balance of a number of factors. In this brief article I am not aiming to reinvent the wheel. Rather I will very briefly touch on some of the information that’s out there and then explain [...]

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