Finding your optimal drop handlebars

Finding your optimal road handlebar When optimising a cyclist’s position on a bike, there has been extensive research regarding torso, hip and knee angles, or an optimal cleat position on the shoe. There has been research regarding the aerodynamics - particularly regarding the CDA and how to reduce it by reducing a rider’s frontal surface area. There has however, been next to nothing regarding the optimal road handlebar for a given rider nor how they affect a [...]

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The dynamic fit bike

The dynamic fit bike If you have been reading my earlier articles you will have seen references to the dynamic fit bike that I use.  So what on earth is a dynamic fit bike?  For starters a it rarely looks anything like a real bike.  Rather it's a tool built specifically for the purpose of finding a rider’s winning position. What is a dynamic fit bike? The properties that define a dynamic fit bike (at least in [...]

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How to find the perfect saddle

How to find the perfect saddle I am a firm believer that a cyclist shouldn’t have to suffer saddle discomfort.  Far too many people accept saddle discomfort as an inevitable part of cycling.  They put up with it and hope that they will ‘toughen up’ over time.  At best this approach leads to a reduction in the joy of cycling and at worst to permanent damage to bits you really don’t want damaged.  I believe it is [...]

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Measuring bikes is hard

Measuring bikes is hard! Measuring bikes is hard.  There always seems to be some bit in the way of what you want to measure.  A lot of the desired measurements are from or to the centre of something.  It can be difficult, if not impossible, to determine the exact centre of a complex shape.  Parallax errors can cause problems too.  It’s just plain hard to get exact, or even repeatable inexact bike measures. So why does this [...]

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The perfect crank length

So I've titled this article 'the perfect crank length' which is a bit misleading of me. I don't believe that there is one crank length that is perfect for every rider. Instead the best crank length for any given rider is a balance of a number of factors. In this brief article I am not aiming to reinvent the wheel. Rather I will very briefly touch on some of the information that’s out there and then explain [...]

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