Bottom-bike interface analysis

This service is for those who find everything on the bike fantastic… or it would be if it weren’t for the saddle.  It could be pain, numbness, friction, saddle sores or any combination there of that is turning riding your bike into a nightmare.

During this session, we will consider your individual saddle issues and attempt to get to the bottom(!) of what is causing them.

Bring along the saddles you have so we can see what hasn’t worked for you in the past (and why it hasn’t worked). It might be that you have the right saddle, just not have it in the right position/orientation. We will also dip into our extensive saddle library in search of something that works for you.

We are pretty proud of our saddle library.  There are currently over 60 saddles on the wall and the range is growing all the time.  We stock and sell COBB/JCOB, ISM, Repente, Ninety K and Selle SMP. The library also includes other saddles that have some specific features that sets them apart from the field and addresses specific issues or use cases. There is a good chance that we can find the right saddle for you.

The BB Interface Analysis session includes more than just trying different saddles. If the Saddle Trial Session, described below, is saddle speed dating, the BB Interface Analysis is a more leisurely date, getting to know the saddle. We will spend time assessing and getting to the root cause of what might be driving your saddle discomfort. The aspects that I will focus on will be saddle fore-aft position, height, tilt as well as the saddle itself.  We may also discuss clothing choice, and skin treatment.

Where possible, we will using our fit bike to replicate your current position. The fit bike allows quick and easy adjustment of saddle position – something that is harder to do on a real bike. You might be surprised how an adjustment to position can turn the exact same saddle from a nightmare into a dream ride.

It would be remiss of us if we didn’t mention that sometimes saddle discomfort isn’t actually being caused by the saddle. It might be that the front end is too stretched out, or your cranks are too long. There will be cases where a BB Interface Analysis cannot fix your saddle issue. In these instances, if you upgrade to a full bike fit, the price of the BB Interface Analysis will be deducted from the cost of the bike fit. (Offer must be accepted within 3 days of the BB Interface Analysis.)

Winning Position stocks saddles from the ranges of COBB/JCOB, ISM, Repente and Selle SMP.

Saddle trial service

This is the session for you if you are looking to buy one of the saddles we have available for purchase. We currently stock a range of saddles by COBB/JCOB, ISM, Repente, Ninety K and Selle SMP.

This service aims to help cyclists identify potentially suitable saddles faster and with less expense than the traditional approach of buying a saddle based on looks, reviews (formal or word of mouth) and hope.  Far too many cyclists have a box full of saddles that have been purchased, tried and found wanting.  Let us help you find your perfect saddle.

So how does our saddle trial service work?  You come in to our fitting studio with your bike (or bike measurements) and we approximate your riding position on our dynamic fit bike.  Using a SwitchIt saddle changer, we can efficiently try different saddles in our range.  As part of the trial process we will make minor tweaks to the position of the saddle (height, fore/aft, angle) to get the best out of a given saddle.

If you find a saddle that you like, you can buy it outright or take advantage of our Saddle Trial Program (see below).

Saddle trial program

At Winning Position we understand that the search for the perfect saddle can take some time.  We believe that the only truly reliable test is to use the saddle on the road (or track or trail) for a few weeks’ worth of riding.

If you have identified a saddle in Winning Position’s range that you think has potential, you may wish to take advantage of our Saddle Trial Program.

Under this program you buy the saddle in question but take a trial saddle away for a two week trial.  If, at the end of the trial period, you decide that the saddle is ‘the one’ then you return the trial saddle to the studio and swap it for the purchased saddle.  If you decide that the saddle is not for you, return the trial saddle and we will refund the purchase price less a $25.00 hire fee.


A saddle purchased from Winning Position under the Saddle Trial Program can be returned for a refund (less a $25.00 hire fee1) as long as the following conditions are met:

  • The trial saddle is returned within 14 days of the purchase date.
  • The returned saddle is in ‘as new’ condition.  (The condition of the saddle is judged at the sole discretion of Winning Position.)
  • Any packaging supplied is returned with the saddle in good condition.


  1. The $25.00 hire fee is waived if another saddle is purchased under the Saddle Trial Program on the same day the the original saddle is returned.