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Spatzwear overshoes and gloves to warm up winter cycling

Living in Canberra and taking up cycling over 15 years ago has meant I have spent my fair share of winters in the Territory.

As a bike fitter, I seek to fit cyclists so that they are in a comfortable position on the bike. This comfort can relate to lack of pain and discomfort in the cycling muscles and joints or on the contact points such as the saddle and handlebars.

When it comes to winter, a huge factor is being comfortable is dressing appropriately for the cold and wet. After returning home from a particularly foggy morning on the bike, one could be mistaken that you had just been drenched in a rain shower, rather than ridden an hour in thick fog!

Staying warm and dry in winter outdoor riding requires a few key principles:

  1. Layer your clothing, starting with the core.
    Firstly, you should invest in a quality base layer that wicks away any moisture.
    Follow this up with a mid layer that retains heat.
    Finally, top it off with an outer layer – that is windproof (and waterproof if conditions warrant it).
  2. Invest in good gloves and overshoes
    Whilst layering your core is a good idea, layering the feet with multiple socks is not such a good idea as it will become too compressive and hamper circulation in the lower legs and feet. This could make them even colder!
    Too many glove layers, or gloves that are too thick, can affect your ability to operate your bike’s controls. Any bunching of the gloves can also lead to discomfort.

On the whole, I don’t usually stock items that aren’t directly related to bike fitting or adjusting a bike to fit. That said, cold hands and feet can have such a deleterious impact on comfort that when the opportunity to address the problem, I jumped at it.

Spatz Roadman 2 Overshoes

Spatz Roadman 2 Overshoes are made to go over your regular cycling shoes to protect your feet from the cold and damp.  They are made from high quality, water-dispensing and water-repellant Neoprene material. This material feels supple and comfortable and doesn’t affect your pedal stroke.  The Roadman 2 come a long way up the shin to provide additional warmth and water resistance.

Spatz Roadman 2 overshoes
Spatz Roadman 3 overshoe base

Another cool (warm?) feature is the reflective pattern on the calf that helps to increase visability when riding in the dark.

When designing these overshoes, Spatz avoided using a zip to reduce water seepage and avoid a common point of failure.

Spatz Roadman 2 overshoes are relatively easy to put on.  You put them on before putting on your shoes and then pull them down over the heel, followed by the toe. Finally fasten them underneath with the stretchy velcro tabs. They provides a good fit whilst leaving plenty of space around your cleats.

When coupled with a good pair of merino wool socks, cold and painful feet are a thing of the past.

A major advantage of shoe covers over dedicated winter cycling boots is that there is no effect on your position on the bike.  Winter boots typically have a thicker sole which requires adjusting your seat height as you swap between shoes.

These puppies are so warm that the UCI has banned them from sanctioned races.  (Or at least they have banned overshoes that go as far up the leg as the Roadman 2 does.)  For people racing in nasty weather, Spatz have made a UCI legal version that ends closer to the ankle – the Spatz Legalz 2, which I also sell.

Spatz Legalz overshoes
Spatz THRMOZ Deep Winter Gloves

Cold hands are not only horribly painful but they can be dangerous.  The degradation in your ability to control the bike can lead to nasty consequences.  I suffer particularly badly from cold, painful hands and more than once have been reduced to stopping at a bakery to warm my hands on the hot pie cabinet!  Good gloves are a must.

Let me tell you about the Spatz deep winter gloves that I’ve just started selling…

THRMOZ Deep Winter Gloves
GLOVZ gloves

These gloves offer a unique design that combines a standard full-finger glove with a fold-out wind-blocking layer that replicates the extra warmth a lobster claw/split finger style glove can provide. This feature makes the glove work well in a wider range of temperatures, for when you start early and ride through the morning.

THRMOZ Deep Winter Gloves fit well (3 different sizes) and maintain dexterity for gear and brake changing. There is even a little peepy hole for the index finger which makes using a touch screen easy.  You don’t have to remove your gloves in cold temperatures which of course keeps your hands warmer.

On the palm there is a series of grippy silicon buttons to improve the grip and feel for shifting and braking.

THRMOZ winter gloves have a nice long cuff that adequately fills the gap between a long sleeved winter riding jacket and the hand. This is a great feature to keep the wrists warm – a surface where the blood runs close to the skin and is prone to get chilly.

Spatz also make a race weight glove for when the temperature rises from insanely cold to just chilly.

How to buy

Winning Position currently has stock of the following:

  • Spatz Roadman 2 Overshoes
  • Spatz Legalz 2 Overshoes
  • Spatz THRMOZ Deep Winter Gloves
  • Spatz GLOVZ Race Gloves

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above, please contact us for details.