Leather saddles – A bike fitter’s perspective

Leather saddles - a bike fitter's perspective Recently, a client asked me "Why don’t bike fitter’s like Brooks saddles?" The question wasn't really specific to Brooks saddles per se, but rather the 'old school' style of leather saddles made by Brooks and others like Selle Anatomica and Berthoud. I was initially surprised by the question as I have nothing against these saddles but, after some thought, I realised that there was a lot of merit to the [...]

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Why Get A Bike Fit?

Why get a bike fit? Whether you are an elite racer, commuter or recreational rider, a bike fit is an investment that could very well give you the best return for your money. Cycling can be as expensive as you want to make it. We cyclists tend to always be tempted to spend our hard earned money on the newest, the lightest, the most aero equipment and clothing that we can get our hands on.  [...]

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