Getting the drop on handlebar shape

Getting the drop on handlebar shape Next up in my series on the properties of drop handlebars is the aspect “drop” (‘C’ in picture below) and the closely related aspect 'shape'. (Other articles in the series include one on finding your optional road handlebars and the skinny on handlebar width.) Drop is a measurement of the bars from the centre of the tops of the bars to the centre of the lowest point of the [...]

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The skinny on handlebar width

The skinny on handlebar width In the first article of this series, we discussed some of the issues involved in finding your optimal road handlebar.  In the rest of the series, we will have a look at the different dimensions of the drop bar and how they affect fit.  This article concentrates on handlebar width.  Future articles will explore reach, drop and shape. For the remainder of this article we will be focusing on road handlebars. Some, [...]

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Finding your optimal drop handlebars

Finding your optimal road handlebar When optimising a cyclist’s position on a bike, there has been extensive research regarding torso, hip and knee angles, or an optimal cleat position on the shoe. There has been research regarding the aerodynamics - particularly regarding the CDA and how to reduce it by reducing a rider’s frontal surface area. There has however, been next to nothing regarding the optimal road handlebar for a given rider nor how they affect a [...]

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